2/26/17: All photos from Interstate 676 Eastbound in Philadelphia, PA (full length) and Interstate 471 Northbound in Cincinnati, OH (full length) are now online.

2/25/17: Posted all photos from Interstate 80 Eastbound in Nebraska (MM 102 to the Iowa border) and Interstate 84 Eastbound in Idaho (MM 222-275).

2/25/17: Added three new videos. Two are from Interstate 475 Northbound/Eastbound in Ohio, full length (Toledo and vicinity) and the other is from Interstate 480 Northbound/Eastbound in Nebraska/Iowa, full length (Omaha/Council Bluffs area).

2/23/17: Three new videos from Interstate 215 Outer Loop in Utah (full length, Salt Lake City and vicinity) are now available.

2/23/17: Posted all photos from Interstate 15 Southbound in Utah (MM 400-129) and Interstate 15 Southbound in Idaho (full length).