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2/10/16: Added all videos from Interstate 270 South in Maryland clinched.

2/9/16: Added one new video of Interstate 277 West in Ohio (Akron area) clinched (MM 4-0).

2/8/16: All the remaining videos from Interstate 86 East in New York (main segment, MM 100-205) are now up.

2/6/16: The first 10 videos from Interstate 86 East in New York (MM 0-100) are now online.

2/4/16: Added videos from Interstate 480 West in Ohio clinched (MM 42-0).

2/2/16: Today I added videos of Interstate 55 North in Louisiana clinched (from Interstate 10 to the Mississippi border).

2/1/16: All new and improved (1080p HD) videos from Interstate 68 East in Maryland are now live.

1/30/16: The next batch of videos from Interstate 10 East in Texas are now live, covering from MM 300 to MM 600, which includes downtown San Antonio.

Featured Picture:

Location:  Seattle, WA - Interstate 5 North at Exit 164A: Interstate 90 East - Spokane / Dearborn St / James St / Madison St
(Taken 5/21/13)
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