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8/27/15: All pictures from Interstate 19 South in Arizona are now live, covering from I-10 in Tucson to the Mexican border in Nogales.

8/26/15: Pictures from all 85 miles of Interstate 12 East in Louisiana are now online.

8/26/15: The final 4 videos from Interstate 390 North in New York are live, as well as the remaining pictures from Interstate 76 West (PA Turnpike) in Pennsylvania, from MM 110 to the Ohio border.

8/25/15: All pictures from Interstate 380 North in Pennsylvania (Poconos region) are now online, covering all 28 of its miles.

8/25/15: The next video series will cover all 75 miles of Interstate 390 North in New York, from I-86 to I-490 in Rochester. The first 4 videos are now live (MM 0-40).

8/24/15: All pictures from Interstate 88 West in New York are now online, covering its entire 117-mile length.

8/23/15: The next batch of videos is now live. They're from Interstate 90 East in Pennsylvania, covering its entire 46-mile length from the Ohio border to the New York border.

8/21/15: A BIG update today. All pictures from Interstate 10 East in Texas (all 881 miles of it!) are now online! Enjoy!

Featured Picture:

Location:  Flagstaff, AZ - Interstate 17 North at Exit 340B: Interstate 40 West - Los Angeles (Taken 5/20/15)
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