7/23/16: Posted all the new and improved photos from Interstate 465 Inner Loop in Indiana (Indianapolis and vicinity). Also finished posting all photos from Interstate 76 Eastbound in Nebraska (all 3 miles of it, clinched) and Interstate 380 Southbound in Pennsylvania.

7/22/16: Added the final 6 videos from Interstate 94 Westbound in Minnesota and all photos from Interstate 280 Westboudn in Iowa clinched.

7/17/16: I posted all photos from Interstate 76 East in Colorado (clinched) today.

7/16/16: I posted all photos from Interstate 94 West in Montana clinched.

7/15/16: I posted videos of all the 3-digit Interstates in the twin cities area of Minnesota today, all clinched: Interstate 394 East & West, Interstate 494 Inner Loop, and Interstate 694 Inner Loop. The next video set will continue west on I-94 in Minnesota to the North Dakota border.