7/1/16: Did more debugging last night, fixing several issues viewing certain content on tablets and mobile devices.

6/28/16: Well folks, welcome to the new and improved! This is the new mobile-friendly site design I've been so hard at work on for the past 2 months or so. Now, I think I might start digging into those photos from the clinch-a-thon last month and see how many of them I can get posted!

6/28/16: Later this evening sometime, the site will most likely be down for about an hour or so while I "flip the switch" to make the new and improved, mobile-friendly live. Take one last look at this old, dated design you see here my's going away and never coming back!

6/25/16: Added 9 new videos from Interstate 94 West in Wisconsin (MM 349-180). The site redesign is ALMOST complete, and when it is I will be able to return to making more frequent content updates.