Your Visual Guide to the Interstate Highway System


4/29/16: Added new videos from Interstate 471 Northbound and Southbound in Kentucky/Ohio clinched in the Cincinnati area.

4/29/16: Added a new video from Interstate 464 Northbound in Virginia (Norfolk area) clinched, one from Interstate 370 Westbound in Maryland clinched, and one from Interstate 781 Westbound in New York clinched.

4/27/16: Added five new videos of Interstate 275 Inner Loop in Ohio, completing the clinch of I-275 in OH, KY, and IN.

4/26/16: Added videos of Interstate 275 Inner Loop clinched in Kentucky and Indiana.

4/24/16: Added some new videos from Interstate 71 South in Ohio. The ones from I-90 to Medina are from last year's Labor Day trip, and the ones from Columbus to the Kentucky border are from last weekend's trip.

4/19/16: Added a new video from this past weekend's trip from Interstate 470 West in Ohio (MM 6-0, clinched).

Featured Picture:

Location:  Seattle, WA - Interstate 5 North at Exit 164A: Interstate 90 East - Spokane / Dearborn St / James St / Madison St
(Taken 5/21/13)
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