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4/25/15: Another short video series has been completed. All videos from Interstate 295 South in Maine (MM 51-0, including Portland) are now live.

4/22/15: The final four videos from Interstate 68 West in Maryland are now online (MM 40-0). This completes this series and will lead us into the next one, which will begin before the end of the week.

4/20/15: I started the next video series today. It will be another short one covering Interstate 68 West in Maryland, in its entire 80 mile length. The first four videos (MM 80-40, Hancock to Cumberland) are now live.

4/17/15: The next video series has begun........and ended. That's because it's a short one covering Interstate 86 East in Idaho in its entire 63 mile length. All six videos of it are now online. The next video series will begin soon!

4/10/15: The final four videos from Interstate 5 North in Oregon are now live (MM 270-299, 303-308). I will begin the next video series at my earliest convenience.

4/8/15: I posted three more videos from Interstate 5 North in Oregon today (MM 240-270). One more update to complete this series!

Featured Picture:

Location:  Rapid City, SD - Interstate 90 East at Exit 57: Interstate 190 / US 16 West - Downtown / Mt. Rushmore (Taken 5/25/13)
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