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7/1/15: All pictures from Interstate 55 North in Mississippi are now online.

6/27/15: The first half of the next video series is now live. It is new and improved (1080p HD) videos from Interstate 70 West in Illinois, covering MM 155-80. The second half of the series will be posted soon!

6/22/15: New and improved pictures from Interstate 44 West in Missouri are now online, covering its entire 293-mile length from St. Louis to the Oklahoma border.

6/20/15: All videos from Interstate 17 North in Arizona (MM 194-341, from Phoenix to Flagstaff) are now live. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed filming them!

6/15/15: New and improved pictures from Interstate 40 West in Oklahoma are now live, covering MM 138-0 (which is the Texas border).

6/12/15: All videos from Interstate 40 West in Texas (Texas panhandle) are now online (MM 176-0, 18 videos in total). I figured I would start off the new content with a full complete series in a single update!

Featured Picture:

Location:  Omaha, NE - Interstate 80 West at Exit 446: Interstate 680 North (Taken 5/17/13)
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