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10/5/15: The remaining 20 videos from Interstate 40 West in Arizona (Flagstaff to the California border) are now live.

10/4/15: All pictures from Interstate 680 South in Ohio (Youngstown area) are now live.

10/2/15: The next series of videos will continue on Interstate 40 West, covering it in Arizona. I posted 16 videos from it today, covering MM 359-200 (NM border to near Flagstaff).

9/27/15: The remaining 11 videos from Interstate 76 West in Pennsylvania (PA Turnpike, MM 110-0) are now online.

9/24/15: All pictures from Interstate 81 South in New York are now live, covering its entire 183-mile length from the Canadian border to the Pennsylvania border.

9/22/15: All the videos I have from Interstate 40 West in Arkansas are now live (TN border to Exit 152). This actually marks a milestone. Now that I have posted video footage from Arkansas, it means I have video from all 48 continental US states on the site.

9/21/15: New and improved pictures from Interstate 70 East in Maryland have been posted, and are running under the new code for the photo viewer. Check them out and see if you like the new way of browsing pictures on the site!

Featured Picture:

Location:  Cleveland, OH - Interstate 90 West at Exit 170B: Interstate 71 South- Columbus (Taken 9/6/15)
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