10/21/16: Posted the remaining 6 videos from Interstate 81 Northbound in Pennsylvania to complete full video coverage.

10/17/16: Added the first 6 videos from Interstate 81 Northbound in Pennsylvania. The rest of them will come next, but I don't know what day that will be since I admit that I've gotten a bit lazy lately :)

10/9/16: Added the remaining three videos from Interstate 295 Southbound in New Jersey (MM 26-0) to finish full video coverage of it.

10/6/16: All videos from Interstate 76 Eastbound in Colorado (full length) are now live.

10/3/16: Added all videos from Interstate 88 Eastbound in Illinois.

10/1/16: Added a new video from Interstate 176 Northbound in Pennsylvania (full length).

9/30/16: Posted one new video today from Interstate 280 Westbound in Iowa (full length).