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3/5/15: Pictures from Interstate 691 West in Connecticut are live.

3/4/15: Pictures from Interstate 440 Eastbound and Westbound in Arkansas are now online.

3/3/15: I started the next video series today, which will cover Interstate 90 East in Montana, from Butte to the Wyoming border (MM 227-554). The first 10 videos from the series are now live (MM 227-320).

3/2/15: I posted some pictures from Interstate 65 South in Alabama today.

3/1/15: Pictures from Interstate 459 South in Alabama are now online.

2/28/15: I posted one of the shorter video series today. It's from Interstate 25 South in Colorado from MM 299-230. All seven of those videos are now live. Pictures from Interstate 10 West in Florida are also now online.

2/26/15: The final 9 videos from Interstate 90 East in Wisconsin are now live (MM 100-187).

Featured Picture:

Location:  Rapid City, SD - Interstate 90 East at Exit 57: Interstate 190 / US 16 West - Downtown / Mt. Rushmore (Taken 5/25/13)
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